Thursday, June 4, 2015

Go Again?

Interesting that my last post, from November 2013, referenced livejournal. The majority of my blogging efforts these days are focused on, a blog all about food, hunting, foraging, and my attempts at being a dorky food-focused outdoor badass.

But I’ve got other needs as a writer. Needs that can’t be filled with blogging about food, nor by working on my fiction projects. I need a journal. And not one that I write by hand because that takes up too much time and is something I pretty strictly reserve for working through fiction problems.

So here I am, looking at this blog, and wondering if it’s too public a space to use as a journal. Not that I think the wider public reads anything I post here. But you know, nothing ever disappears from the internet and what if someday I decide to run for president and all those old musings about my hatred for Garrison Keillor get dredged up and thrown in my face?

I’ve got all sorts of things that I’m mentally working through right now  (besides how I feel about Prairie Home Companion) that it would be nice to write about, and maybe in some small corner of the internet, feel like I’m heard.

Psyching myself up.